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Firearms | Ohio Ordnance Military / Government Firearms & Accessories



OOW249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW)

The OOW249 is the belt-fed, air-cooled, fully automatic light machine gun currently deployed by infantry units all around the world. It fires linked or magazine fed 5.56mm NATO ammunition and can be configured in a standard or paratrooper configuration.



OOW240 General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG)

The current issue US military general purpose machine gun, the 240, is a belt-fed, air-cooled, crew served machine gun system capable of sustained and accurate suppressive fire that’s far more reliable than its predecessor, the M60. It fires 7.62mm linked NATO ammunition and is available in left or right feed coaxial versions, infantry, aviation, small craft, and vehicle configurations.



M240 SLR

OOW is pleased to offer our unique, re-engineered, belt-fed, closed bolt, semi-auto version of the 240 Machine Gun. The M240-SLR (Self Loading Rifle) is a combination of original 240 parts and newly designed semiauto only parts and is manufactured by OOW and is available for commercial sales.



Non-Firing Replica Firearms

Non-firing replica firearms by OOW. Each firearm is designed, intended and built to be non-functional for display and presentation purposes: whether for a salesperson who needs a display but doesn’t want the hassle of NFA paperwork, or for teaching, training and instruction on different systems, OOW’s replica firearms are the perfect fit. Available models include M4/AR15, AK47, M249, M240, M2 .50 and MK19.



.50 M2HB

The M2HB .50 caliber is a specialty of OOW. Constructed to exceed military expectations and quality standards, each weapon is built with individualized attention to detail and multi-level inspection of quality. It fires the .50 caliber BMG NATO round (12.7x99mm) and is air cooled, belt fed, and capable of accuracy at extreme distances. It can be left or right feed, left or right charged, and mounted on vehicles, air or water craft, or via available tripod as a ground weapon.



.50 M2HB QCB

The M2 QBC is the only ideal upgrade to an already amazing weapon system. The QCB version offers the same protection and capabilities that the classic M2 Heavy Barrel does, but with a fixed headspace and quick change barrel upgrade. Barrel changes can now be performed safely in approximately 10% of the time to change the barrel on the M2HB model.



H.C.A.R. (Heavy Counter Assault Rifle)

We’ve combined the best of Browning’s ideas, today’s tactical considerations and accessories, and cutting edge engineering from the team here at OOW to bring you the most versatile .30-06 weapon system available.