OOW240 Select Fire

The OOW240 Select Fire Trigger Pack is a practical upgrade for any 240/MAG58 weapon system.
This patented trigger pack design offers select fire capability with an easy to operate switch. Simply remove the original trigger group and install the new Select Fire Trigger Pack into any existing M240 weapon system. The easy-to-use design features a thumb operated selector switch to rapidly change from semi to full-automatic firing. It universally fits all MAG58 and M240 variants, is interchangeable with the push of one pin and requires no significant additional training. With the ability to switch between semi and full-automatic, the warfighter can engage single targets, obtain a perfect zero or recon by fire.

This unique battlefield advantage allows the user to have single shot accuracy and conserve ammunition. It also provides the gunner the ability to switch between the role of machine gunner and rifleman. These options broaden the strategic and tactical options and provide distinct battlefield advantages.


SKU: 11301079 240 Select Fire

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To ensure combat reliability,
we put the trigger pack through rigorous testing:

  • Endurance tested with 10,000 rounds fired in full and semi-automatic modes
    without failure.
  • Drop tested at all angles from 2 meters. Sear stayed engaged regardless of shock to
    the system.
  • Selector resistance remains constant after endurance testing of 10,000 rounds.
  • Trigger Pull remains positive to mil-spec after endurance tests