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Ohio Ordnance manufactures Light, Medium, and Heavy machine guns for Military, Law Enforcement and Government clients worldwide.
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OOW offers mounting solutions for vehicles, water and air craft, and ground use.
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OOW can provide Arsenal Level Repair and Rebuild, Training, and Rental Services.
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Ohio Ordnance Works, Inc.

Today Ohio Ordnance Works, Inc. has a workforce of 80+ employees who work within the company’s 35,000+ square foot facility. OOW is currently supplying several thousand light, medium, and heavy machine guns to military customers around the world including our own U.S. forces. Additionally, OOW is manufacturing small arms engineered and modified specifically for training simulators and various military mounting solutions. We have established exclusive partnerships around the world as sole source suppliers for several vehicle and remote weapon control system (RWCS) manufacturers. OOW is fully licensed to accommodate all aspects of manufacture, sales, and distribution both domestic and overseas, of any ordnance commodity.

OOW is strongly committed to launching exciting new products and upgrades. This commitment is realized with our new OOW240 and OOW249 Patrol versions, lighter and more reliable than current models with increased ability for end user customization.


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Our Heritage

With a beginning in manufacturing parts needed to satisfy the need for repair and rebuild of commercially owned Class 3 Firearms in the United States, Ohio Ordnance Works has grown into a world class manufacturer of light, medium, and heavy machine guns able to compete globally with much larger manufacturers. Our pride in our work, competitive pricing, and quick delivery time enables us to meet our customers’ needs in a manner that results in the highest level of satisfaction. Our extremely manageable size allows us to react very quickly to customer needs and to provide custom solutions as necessary.